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Portofoliu Bularca Sebastian

Game designer, Photographer, Editor
Prezentare Generala:


Game Design

Video Games

Game Journalist


Web Design



–>   Creative Writer

–>   Thousands Played

–>   Objective Analyst

– > Able Observer

– > Blog Master

– > Precise Organizer

– Peaceful Moderator

Curriculum Vitae:


Work experience


Senior QA  2011- 01- present

Company: Milestone S.R.L. (www.milestone.it)


Freelance Video Games Journalist - 2008- 08- present

Company: Level Games Magazine (http://www.level.ro) and Computergames.ro (http://www.computergames.ro)


Game Design Consultant 2010- 10

Company: Milestone S.R.L. (www.milestone.it)


Lead Game Designer 2009- 09- 2010-08

Company: Fun Labs (Activision Studio) (http://www.funlabs.com)



- Working with my team for Rapala Pro Bass Fishing, released by Activision this year in 5 languages on XBOX 360, PS3, PS2, PSP and Nintendo Wii

- Management and implementation of complex game design mechanics

- Communicating and working permanently with the programming team, 2D and 3D graphics team, sound team etc.

- Data gathering, implementation, scripting, difficulty ramping etc.

- Breaking the world in small pieces and put it back together in a much more “fun” way


IT Hardware & Software Specialist - 2009 -01 – 2009 - 08

Company: Maurer - Kasper Construct SRL (http://www.apartamentebrasov.ro)


Senior Editor, Localization Coordinator and MMO PR Manager - 2008 -08 – 2009-08

Company: Computergames Online SRL (http://www.computergames.ro)



Editorial content (reviews, previews, features)  related to the games industry and MMOs; Localization for  web-based MMOs like Dig'n'Fight, Pirates Assault, Tales of Magic; Localization for Runes of Magic,  9Dragons and Martial Heroes; MMO user guides for 12 titles, most of them Free2Play; Business relationship management with publishers specialized in MMOs, like Acclaim, Frogster, Aeria Games, GPotato, Gala Networks, Game Media Networks, K2 Network, IGG etc. ; Community management for around 200.000 people


Editor, Second Editor in Chief and Editor in Chief, Level Games Magazine 2001-09 - 2008-07

Company: 3D Media Communications SRL (Former Vogel Burda Communications)



Production of editorial content specific for a gaming magazine: reviews, previews, walkthroughs, features, lifestyle and hardware review articles; Testing gold, beta versions and preview copies of various games; specialized in MMOs , RPGs, Economic Sims and Simulator games; Production and management of website content for http://www.level.ro; Management of the Level community, both online and offline, including the organization of several national gaming contests and promotional events; Any other activity that was involved in developing, enhancing and marketing of the magazine;

IT Hardware & Software Assistant 1999-06 - 2001-08

Company: S.C. LAN INFO S.R.L, Brasov



My responsibilities included:

Consulting for computer systems acquisition and software, hardware and communication equipments sales; IT Hardware manipulation and installation; PC/Laptop repair and technical assistance; Networks installation and configuration;


Personal skills and competences

Foreign Languages(writing/speech/reading):

English (advanced/ advanced/ advanced) French (beginner/ beginner/ medium) Italian (beginner/advanced/ advanced)


Competences and skills

Good experience working for console games on all major platforms Complex design problem solver Good management skills acquired in my position as Second Editor in Chief, and lately as Editor in Chief for Level Games Magazine Very good skills in managing online communities; Content Designer Tools: Aurora Toolset, The Elder Scrolls (TES) Construction Kit; Good communication and Writing skills due to almost 8 years of experience in the gaming press (over 260 articles written) Gaming experience: as a games journalist, I played almost all important titles launched since 2001 and I specialized myself in Massive Multiplayer Online Games and Indie games Very good understanding of the internal mechanics of a video-game, including the relation between its principal elements, like gameplay, story, graphics and sound; Very good understanding of computer hardware internals, including processor and video card overclocking and tuning (frequently required for games); Very good knowledge of  the office packages and image processing software packages; Good networking skills, including installation and configuration on Windows-based servers and basic installation and configuration of UNIX based networks; Basic scripting experience with C++ and Visual Basic;


Additional information

Hobbies  - Problems solving, Video games, writing, fishing and gardening;




Education and training


1995 - 1999 University of Medicine and Pharmacology Timisoara

1999 – 2003 “Transilvania” University Brasov, Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty (not finished)


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Bularca Sebastian
Game designer, Photographer, Editor
Design Interactiv / Web
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KEY SKILLS Game Design Video Games Game Journalist Photography Web Design Management Community –> Creative Writer –> Thousands Played...
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