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Portofoliu Dorina Maria Aka SAFIR Pantea

Visual Artist, Graphic Designer,Concept Art,Identitate Vizuala,Design,Ilustratie
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             What motivates me is the ambition,  but especially  the passion for art and artistic domains and profiles. I have chosen to  study painting above all form of art because when I paint and create something new that resides from inside myself it feels that I’m renouncing and   building something more important than the present: a memory that will remain in time.

    Safir and Rifas born in 11.23.1987,/28.04.1983 in Deva, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department, UAD, Cluj-Napoca, we studied Fine Arts under the guidance of the Romanian contemporary art names. After graduation from Cluj- Napoca ,we improved our gained knowledge, in the Western University, at Faculty of Arts and Design, Department of Painting, following Master courses given by renowned professors. Our creations include traditional painting, figurative or abstract, original concepts, photography, photo - manipulation, digital art. Mixed technique paintings are made by joining or patching pictorial surface with different combinations of materials and textures of cloth, cardboard, plywood, crystals and pulp color, well integrated in the coherence compositional structure. On the one hand, we give free will to the flow evolution and informal gestures, stimulating disintegratives forces, and on the other hand, clarifying forms of human traits, these wandering spirits are pushed to the limit of a symbolic dialogue with the audience. Substrate raise topics of psychological, philosophical, mystical, mythological, fantastic, romantic, literary, mathematical, metaphorical vision prior to painting, through metamorphosis and anamorphosis the figurative to the abstract images, from real to imaginary. Theme, style and artistic approach, pictorial plans, suggests that the sources of inspiration, are the works of several renowned artists from art history: Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Paul McCarthy, Matthew Barney, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Vanessa Beecroft, Bill Viola, Gunter Bruss, Otto Muehl, Glenn Brown, Ion Grigorescu, Klimt, Picasso, Chagal, Otto Dix, Turner, Constable, Fussli, Munch, Delacroix, Rubens, Caravaggio, Titian, Van Gogh, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Goya, Gustave Dore.

Curriculum Vitae:
Career goal

    A job in an enjoyable collective with possibilities for a professional artistic career.

Visual Artist,Character Designer, Art Manager, Art Director, Lead Artist,Wall Artist, 2D Artist,Painter, Illustrator, Visual Art Specialist, Decorator,Designer,Fashion Designer,2D Graphic Designer, Game Tester, Sketcher, Education,Art Teacher,Art Trainer,Art Curator,Artistic Ideas Manager,Reviewer,GalLerist,Art Assistant,Art Critic,Draftsman,Fashion Stylist,Contemporary Art Entrepreneur,Photo-Editor...
Targeted job Job, Project Wanted salary (euro) Confidential Desired job locations BUCURESTI, Timisoara, Cluj Napoca Desired activity domains Institutions / Liberal professions - Administration / Institutions, Education, Architecture / Technical Design Mobility In the country and abroad Willing to travel Up to 25% of my working time   Experience
    2006 - present-  Independent Artists, Safir & Rifas, Deva (Full time) Online portfolio and personal website:     2010 - 2013   Website Administrator, MILLENIUM4ART, Deva (Full time) -maintenance, ergonomics and accessibility of the site     2010-09 - 2011-09     Painting and Visual Art Teacher, PALATUL COPIILOR DEVA, Deva (Full time) -to ensure access to education for the students through teaching and training.

-involvement in advising and guiding the students to profile arts.

- Strengthening students training with good results.

-to use the material and human resources effectively, has the obligation to take into account the interests and needs of each student signed up at my classes.

2014 - 2017 PhD/Doctorat / Postuniversitary degree, Arts at National Art University of Bucuresti, Faculty of Art and Design , Bucuresti

2009 - 2011 Master / Postuniversitary degree, Arts at Western University of Timisoara Faculty of Art and Design , Timisoara

Main disciplines studied / occupational skills covered:
- Sources and resources of the visual image
- Cromatology
- Concept representation and visual arts
- Psychology of form and color
- Creative explorations in visual arts
- Contemporary art history
- Photo lab
- Digital Graphics

2010 - 2011 Workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany,with the artist Hans Schnell;

Main disciplines studied / occupational skills
-Intercultural exchange experience in the visual arts
-Virtual plastic structure creation
-Signs, symbols and archetypes in fine arts

2008 - 2009 ERASMUS Scholarship at Academia di Belle Arti, San Martino delle Scale, Palermo, Italy

Main disciplines studied / occupational skills covered:
-Visual and decorative arts
-Art Restoration Techniques
-Decorative Art
-History of Art
-Photo lab

2006 - 2009 Graduated Fine Art at the University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca , Cluj Napoca

Main disciplines studied / occupational skills covered:
- Visual and decorative arts
- Painting
- Psychology
- Artistic anatomy
- Advanced Draftsman
- History of art
- English
- French
- Philosophy, aesthetics
- Pedagogy art
- Drawing plastic
- Compositional space architecture
- Assisted digital graphics

2002 - 2006 High School/ Vocational School, of Music and Fine Arts "Sigismund Toduta" , Deva

Main disciplines studied / occupational skills covered:
- Painting
- Drawing
- Ceramics and sculpture
- Decorative Art
- Graphics
- Fashion design
- History of Art

Certificate and  Profesional Qualifications 2012- Certificate of Language Proficiency in English,Level B2-vantage,Modern Languages and Literature Department,Western University,Timisoara;

Occupational skills covered:
A.Receptive skills(reading-listening)
-can understand complex input on subjects related to her field of interest and general topics;
B.Speaking(communication-interaction skills)
-can use the language fluently,accurately and effectively in appropiate level of formality;
C.Writing skills
can produce clear,well- organized texts on a wide range of general topics;

2010- Graduation Certificate,Teaching Staff Training Department ,Level 1,University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca;

Occupational skills covered:
-can teach history of art and visual and decorative arts domain in general and high school education institutions;

2006 Certificate of professional skills - "Graphic Designer and Technician for artistic techniques", graphics department,Fine arts and Decorative Field Department,High School of Music and Fine Arts "Sigismund Toduta",Deva;

Occupational skills covered:
-The use of the specific technology of the field study;
-The use of tools and techniques of representation and specific layout of the obtained specialization;
-Planning and sequencing activity;
-Organizing the space for activity in line with technique or technology used;
-Use of the specific artistic visual communication;   Awards
13-30.11.2012 Participation Diploma in Youth Artists Exhibition, 2nd edition entitled "Modernity, Innovation, Experiment";

25-25.09.2010 Participation Diploma in Ad-Hoc Painting Contest from Campina 24H, 5th edition.

20.04.2006-Third Prize at the National Olympics of Visual Arts and Art History, national stage, Graphics Department.

2005 - Certificate of Merit, National Olympics of Visual Arts and Art History Textile Department, National Stage.

2003 - Third Prize and Bronze Medal in the Olympics Francophone Arts and Culture, the Arts and Design Contest, France;

2001 - Second Prize and Silver Medal at the Olympics Francophone Arts and Culture in the drawing competition, France;

2001 - Third Prize,Camp of Artistic Design in Strasbourg and Bronze Medal at the International Competition "Your Citoyenennete Affiche Europeenne", France;

03/03/2003 First place at the Chess Olympiad County School Sports "Trinket Cup",County Stage;

03/02/2002 Second place at the Chess Olympiad County School Sports ,County Stage;

03.10.2001 Third place in National High School Chess Championship,County Stage;

13.12.2001 First place at the National High School Chess Championship,Municipal Stage;

09.03.2000 Place II at the National High School Chess Championship,Municipal Stage;

2011 - MFA thesis dissertation on the sources and image resources "Demonic Rebellion of Creation"
2006 - Graduated thesis on painting: "The Fall of Adam"   Published works Personal exhibitions:

2011- Personal Exhibition "Rock Memorandum" Cultural Center "Habitus", Sibiu, Artmania International Festival ;

2008- Personal Exhibition entitled "Slices of Life" Art Theatre, Deva;

2008- Personal Exhibition of drawings entitled "Nocturne Sketches" at the House of Culture, Deva;

2007- Personal exhibition of painting entitled "In Joy & Sorrow" at "Rock, Jazz & Blues", Deva;

2007- Personal Exhibition of paintings entitled "Death Embrace" at "Rock, Jazz & Blues", Deva;

2006- Personal Exhibition of paintings entitled "In Joy & Sorrow" at "Jazz", Cluj-Napoca;

2006- Personal exhibition of drawings of portraits entitled "Expressive" at "Rock, Jazz & Blues", Deva;

Collective exhibitions:

25July-10September 2013-Worldwide Collective exhibition "The Story of the Creation" in New York City;

2013- Collective exhibition on the occasion of "Royal Day", Western University and the Faculty of Arts and Design, Timisoara;

2013- Anniversary Art Exhibition on the occasion "University Day" at Western University, Timisoara;

2012- Exhibition "Salon of Young Artists", 2nd edition, "Modernity,Innovation, Experiment", at the University Library BCUT Hall and Gallery Pygmalion , Timisoara.

2011-2012- Exhibition of objects and layouts ArtZept 2011, Zepter International Design Contest,"Box for everything and for nothing" project exhibited in a traveling exhibition organized by Zepter International,Italy;

2011- The MA painting exhibition , Class of 2011, at the Faculty of Arts and Design, U.V.T., Timisoara;

2011- Exhibition "Im Kontext" - Hans Schnell Internationale Kunst der Gegenwart, Austria, alongside famous artists such as Josef Beuys, HANS SCHNELL, PAUL SCHNEIDER, EMIL SCHUMACHER etc.

4-30June 2010- The First Year MA Students Exhibition of painting,"Entropy Need" at Pygmalion Gallery of Art House, Timisoara;

2010- Exhibition "Open Gallery", with the painting "Metamorphosis" at the Art Center Gallery "Forma", Deva;

2010- Group Exhibition of Timisoara Western University students with the painting,"Death Embrace" Arad;

2010- Group exhibition "City Days", with the painting "Sunset Boulevard",Campina;

2009 - Group exhibition of the University of Art and Design Graduates,Painting Department, Class of 2009 with the series of painting, entitled, "The Fall of Adam" at the Expo Transilvania Center, Cluj-Napoca;

2009- Group exhibition,"Visual Arts Salon" with the painting, "Metamorphosis" Art Museum, Timisoara;

2006- Group exhibition of Fine Arts and Music High School "Sigismund Toduta" Graduates with graphic illustrations for the book: "Adam and Eve" by Liviu Rebreanu the Certificate entitled "Adam and Eve" at the Art Center Gallery "Forma", Deva;

Publications and reviews:

ARTmania Festival 2011 -   Hobbies
-Quality Reading
-Contemporary prose and poetry
-Music and movies
-Sports:jogging,tennis,ping-pong,dancing,gymnastics and passionate about fighting techniques like kung fu,karate,kickboxing,aerobics and tae bo.
- Fine and Decorative Arts,
- Illustration & character design,
- PC and mobile gaming
- Fashion design
- Opera and Theater plays,
- Classic games:Chess,puzzle games,cards games,monopolies,domino,logic games,mill game,rummy,boards,dice etc...

Dorina Maria Aka SAFIR Pantea
Visual Artist, Graphic Designer,Concept Art,Identitate Vizuala,Design,Ilustratie
Design Grafic
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